Agreement Candy

Agreement Candy: The Secret to Persuasive Writing

When it comes to persuasive writing, there`s one key ingredient that can make all the difference: agreement candy. What exactly is agreement candy? It`s a rhetorical device that involves peppering your writing with words and phrases that provoke agreement from your audience.

Agreement candy can take many forms, but the most common are positive affirmations, rhetorical questions, and shared values. For example, if you`re trying to persuade someone to support a particular policy, you might use phrases like “common sense dictates that…” or “we can all agree that…”. These types of phrases are designed to tap into our inherent desire to be part of a like-minded group.

Why is agreement candy so effective? One reason is that it appeals to our emotions rather than our logic. When we hear phrases that evoke agreement, it triggers a positive emotional response, which in turn makes us more open to the writer`s message. It`s a subtle but powerful technique that can be used in any type of persuasive writing, from political speeches to advertising copy.

Another reason why agreement candy works is that it helps to establish trust between the writer and the audience. When we hear someone using phrases that we agree with, it creates a sense of rapport and empathy. We feel like the writer understands us and is speaking directly to our concerns.

Of course, there`s a fine line between using agreement candy effectively and overusing it to the point where it becomes cloying. The key is to use it judiciously, and to make sure that the phrases you choose are appropriate to your audience and the context of your writing. You don`t want to come across as insincere or manipulative, so be sure to use agreement candy in a way that feels authentic and genuine.

In conclusion, agreement candy is a simple but effective technique that can help to make your writing more persuasive and engaging. By tapping into our emotions and establishing trust with your audience, you can create a powerful connection that can move people to action. Whether you`re writing a blog post, a sales pitch, or a political speech, using agreement candy can help to make your message stick. So go ahead and sprinkle a little agreement candy into your writing today—you might be surprised at the results!

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